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Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Deals, Travel |

How I saved $23 in one minute. Always recheck your reservations!

Just a quick reminder to always re-check your hotel and car reservations as your trips draw near. For my upcoming trip to Tenerife, I had booked a mini car with Auto Europe for 8 days for $154. (For European car rentals, especially solo, my usual rules get thrown out the window as Auto Europe is pretty much always much less, points or no points).

I got an email from Auto Europe today about a “summer sale”, checked my dates and class of car, and lo and behold it had dropped to $131! One quick email later, and $23 goes back on my AMEX via Toby at Auto Europe. That’s an extra tapas meal, gratis!

Have you ever saved after a price drop? Please share!