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The Deal Mommy Manifesto

  • It is entirely possible to enjoy your best life as you define it, no matter your means.
  • If you want nothing to happen, do nothing.
  • You may not be able to afford everything you want, but, with creativity and flexibility, you can afford more than you think.
  • There is almost nothing worth having at full retail price when companies will give you a break if you know where to look and how to ask.
  • 9 times out of 10, experiences are worth more than possessions.
  • Little luxuries are a must.
  • Saving money is as much of a job as making money and should be respected as such.

My life in a sitcom:

After one too many Baby Guinesses at the St. Pats Day parade in Kilkenny, our intrepid traveler wakes up driving home from Target with an Irish Boy and a Cherokee Girl in the back seat singing “Orange Nya Nya Style”. Hilarity ensues.

About The Deal Mommy:

Dia Adams, AKA The Deal Mommy, is a real-life Mom of two elementary school kids in the DC Metro area. Between growing up foreign service and working in consulting, I built up a serious love of travel that included visiting over 30 countries and living in Thailand, China, and Ireland (where Deal Kid was born). After Deal Kid and then Deal Girl came along, Deal Dad and I struggled balancing our passion for travel with the realities of, well, real life with two kids. We have been able to show our kids the world while still maintaining our savings and sanity. I developed the site to create a community of Moms and fellow travelers who can share tips and tricks and motivate each other to get out there!

Companies may offer me a gratuity in exchange for referrals. Some companies provide products for review, others are affiliates that compensate me if you purchase through my links. While I appreciate the support, this IN NO WAY affects what I talk about on my blog. I only promote things I like, period!

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